Protection against The Evil Eye is mandatory in this family

I come from an emotional family. We fight a lot, we laugh a lot and we cry a lot. If you think you can join a family reunion party with us without bringing some protection against the Evil Eye you’re wrong. Terribly wrong. Someone will surely send you the evil eye, though not always on purpose.

I used to have a really nice amulet I bought in Greece bout unfortunately glass-beads are not forever. So, to survive I made a new one. I had a bracelet lying around and painted some um… fearsome eyes to it. When finished I regretted not using other colours than blue but there are more days to come, and surely there will be uses for more amulets!

While at it I googled evil eye lore, since all I know of it is what I’ve learned from my grandmother, and I discovered that this is a huuuge subject. There are hundreds of different traditions in removing and protecting yourself from the evil eye. I’m definitely going to study it more when time is given. At the moment however I have quite possibly gotten myself an employment. If you know any interesting lore on the evil eye feel free to share!