A question on spirits or demons or angels or whatever it was

For a long time I have felt a presence by something/someone. It’s not remarkable but it’s almost always around, and it even has a name that flies through my brain sometimes. Last week was the first time I saw a glimpse of a physical appearance. It was late at night and I was strolling like I do when I can’t sleep. For a short moment I clearly saw something sit on the floor in my bedroom. After disappearing I tried to get another glimpse, but without success.

I really want to know what or who it is. It doesn’t feel threatening, but not  protective either. One clue however is that it sometimes follows me outside of my house so it’s not bound to this place. I have no friend or relative that have died, so it can’t be someone I know trying to contact me from the afterlife. But then what? Should I worry? I’m not a very vocal person so I’m not sure if I should try talk to it or what I would say.

I have no experience with things like this and have no idea how to act. Should I contact it? Is there any signs or peculiarities I can look for to determine what it is?


Dead People Are Still People

If you were a ghost, how would you feel about being constantly contacted by a medium, or worse, be hunted by ghost-hunters? I can only speak for myself and say that both of these would irritate me. I wouldn’t want a medium with solemn voice to call me out. I would probably kick someone’s chair or break a light-bulb or something just to indicate “No!”. Hopefully they would get the point and stop. If I’m unlucky they might try even harder. Hunters on the other hand. They would just interpret these signals as proof and become even more inclined to hunt me. Therefore, if I came upon hunters I would ignore them entirely. Crawl into some corner and be quiet. They would conclude there were no ghosts around and leave.

When I watch mediums and hunters in interviews, or read their blogs and forum-posts it seems as if not sensing any ghosts are enough to prove there are none around. “Not in this room, this room is empty” says the medium and leaves the kitchen. But what if the ghost was hiding in the refrigerator? Maybe it didn’t wanted to be found! Why do we always assume ghosts will jump out and scream “Here I am!” as soon as anyone tries to contact them? Or why, for the matter, do we accuse the medium for not being skilled enough (something I have seen recently in the medium-world)?

If you are a medium or a hunter or just plain interested in ghosts remember that those ghosts were living people once, and they have different personalities. Some want to talk, others wont. Some is kind and gentle, others will pull your hair. Some might understand English, others might only understand Arabic…

Maybe Ghosts?