Now that I’m getting back on blogging I have decided to leave WordPress. Instead you will find me on Tumblr.

Tumblr let’s me customize my blog however I want and I’m not restricted by html-rules. It also makes it easier for me to discuss with people and share information and pictures.

From now on you will find me exclusively on:


Oh look I am alive

God I have been gone for so long. Truth is I have had an existential crisis of sorts. I have doubted myself, my competence and my beliefs. As healthy as it is to question things my neuroticism got the better of me. I have been in a dark place but I’m happy to inform you that it’s behind me now (truly this time, not half-assed like my previous post in February). 

As glad as I am to leave this behind me I suppose I have learned from it. Many of my views have changed and I’m looking forward to get back on blogging again. I don’t really wish to discuss the past couple of month with anyone (at least for now) but I suppose you will notice a slight difference in my ~voice~. 

Now let us leave the past behind and live in the present!  

I’m Back + The Bible

I’m back! Puh! The last couple of days I’ve been bored and unoccupied so, naturally, I’ve been thinking about the Bible.

  1. The Fall of Man – We all now what happens in the first pages of the Bible. Yahweh creates humans, he puts them in a garden and tell them to not eat from a certain tree. The tree in question will give the humans knowledge of what is good and what is evil. Both humans eat from the tree anyway, Yahweh gets pissed, and banishes them from paradise aka Eden. All in all, this is a story about two persons being told to not do evil, when they don’t know what evil is. Which is sort of unpractical, when you think about it. How exactly, are they supposed to know that following Yahweh orders is “good” and disobeying them is “evil”? What I’m trying to say is that, the sin that is commonly known as “the fall of man” wasn’t even a sin at all.
  2. The Forbidden Fruit – Maybe I’m just a horrible sinner who spend to much time thinking about un-godly things but isn’t this just a metaphor for sex? Eva and Adam have sex with Lucifer, Eva gets pregnant and bam humans are actually Lucifers children. Sex is a pretty bad thing in the Bible so it could definitely be used as a way to “introduce evil”.

Also, I’m reading a really interesting book about the devil, I’ll probably finish it on Tuesday so I’ll be back with some thoughts soon.