Being pissed and discontent is good for you

The other day I was watching a Swedish documentary about, the so mysteriously named, The Secret. I read the first book a long time ago, apparently there has been two more books and one movie since then (what purpose those could possibly serve, I have no idea). The first reason this entire phenomena pissed me of was that 1. The book was really expensive, and, 2. It was the most pointless and empty book I have ever read (I’ve had bigger spiritual realisations from sci-fi novels, I mean come on). It has 184 pages, they only needed like.. 10. If even. They could have handed it out as a brochure instead.

On the other hand this entire thing really is quite amusing. Because this Ancient, Mysterious, Fragmented secret the was almost lost in Mystic traditions and is so Secret you have never heard about it before is: Think Positive. Wow. Never heard that one before. But it’s also disgusting. Because I hate books, people, movies who tell people what they should feel and what they should think. Like our original feelings and thoughts wasn’t good enough. We need to change because we are not as good as them. Isn’t that like the dictionary definition of brainwashing?

I hate positive thinking. I hate how it has become a “way of life”. When you admit to hating notorious positive thinking people think you mean: “I like negative thinking”. I don’t. Have everyone on this earth forgotten that there’s a goddamn neutral stand in between there? You don’t have to be either. Choosing to only live after either positive or negative thinking is living a lie. Because the world doesn’t work like that. Sometimes good things happens, and sometimes bad things happens. Most of the time your thinking probably had nothing to do with it. Every bookshop I ever go to is drowning in guide to positive thinking bullshit books. I suppose some of them possibly have a good point to them but unfortunately there are to many “hey lets brainwash people into being happy” books for them to be noticed.

Discontent, doubt and anger are not bad feelings. Those are the feelings that have changed the world to the better for centuries. If everyone was content all the time it would still be okay to keep slaves. Women and poor people wouldn’t be allowed to vote or have a voice. Black people wouldn’t be allowed to marry white people and so on, I think you get the point.

Don’t be happy because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. If you’re angry be angry. If you’re happy be happy. We are people not robots. You can’t just program yourself into feeling a certain way. Be discontent, doubt (it’s healthy trust me), be sad, be angry. Let yourself feel what you feel. It doesn’t make you a worse person. Quite the opposite. It makes you an honest person instead of one who earns 23$ a copy for telling people their feelings are wrong.


The Devil, Yahweh and Job

Last week I read Paulo Coelhos book The Devil and Miss Prym. I don’t know much about biblical stories but apparently this book is inspired by the Book of Job. As the good spiritual apprentice I am I got a Bible and started reading about Job. Jobs book consists of speeches. Very vague, poetical speeches that I, to be honest, don’t understand shit of. As the disobedient spiritual apprentice I am I kinda, um, jumped some parts of the actual book and went to see Google. I found this text, and this one.

The Book of Job brings out a lot of things I dislike Yahweh for. For example, why is suffering and fear so important? In the beginning of the book when Yahweh brags about Job to The Adversary one of his points is that “no one on earth fears me as much as Job does”. Why would you brag about that? Why would you want a God that you fear? Because he is holy perfection and stands above humans? That brings me to the next problem; What is perfection? In my (Swedish) version of the Bible this character called The Adversary shows up. Everyone else in the entire world seems to assume that this is in fact Satan, I have no idea but I’m following the big mass here. Yahweh makes a “bet” with Satan. He takes one of his most humble subjects and abuses him. Why? To prove himself towards his biggest enemy, because apparently he needs to (if he didn’t why would he do this in the first place). Is this what you would call a perfect God? I sure wouldn’t. I mean. He has to prove himself. So he’s obviously not perfect in what he does.

Another thing about this book is the fact that Job hasn’t done anything wrong. That’s the entire reason he’s the victim. We all know you will suffer if you commit sin but, apparently, you will also suffer if you don’t. Because you have to prove yourself faithful. My brain cannot understand why anyone would accept this kind of thinking. Imagine if Yahweh was a president/king/emperor. His people were good but he treated them like shit anyway. He killed their kids and stole their livelihood. How would you feel about living like one of his subjects?

The biggest problem however is that a lot of internet-people tells me that all of the above is pointless. Why? Because this is a beautiful story about Jobs faithfulness. It had to be a faithful man to make a point. This is not how Yahweh would have acted under normal conditions, etcetera. I agree with the last one, he probably wouldn’t. My point, however, is; who has decided that the history of Job is a beautiful story about faithfulness? Why can’t it be a fearsome story about Yahwehs horridness? It all depends one what kind of person you are. I can’t see the beauty in this story, no matter how hard I try. Can you?

This was supposed to be a review on The Devil and Miss Prym but then I got caught up in this Job-thingy. I’m not finished with him though. If you have read the Book of Job I would love to hear your opinion on it. I’m going to read it again and philosophize on these matters for a while. Will hopefully return with something a bit more well-composed.