The Autumn Equinox and The First Day of Autumn

For the Autumn Equinox yesterday I did nothing. Or. A boy invited me to dinner so that’s what I were doing. It was horrible. This fine Sunday morning however, my sister and I decided to have a little celebration in the forest. It didn’t exactly turn out as we hoped but then again it usually doesn’t when my sister and I actually tries to plan something. We ended up having a picnic on a mountain. But the only thing we had to eat was apples and some cookies we found (we were going to bake our own cookies but that went to hell). It was nice anyway. It was beautiful, chilly and sunny. The first day of Autumn. After the picnic we went looking for adventures. We climbed another mountain and found the most awesome half-cave. We also found some rocks that we were both convinced were trolls in disguise. It was great to spend a few hours in the forest with just my sister and her puppy.


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