A question on spirits or demons or angels or whatever it was

For a long time I have felt a presence by something/someone. It’s not remarkable but it’s almost always around, and it even has a name that flies through my brain sometimes. Last week was the first time I saw a glimpse of a physical appearance. It was late at night and I was strolling like I do when I can’t sleep. For a short moment I clearly saw something sit on the floor in my bedroom. After disappearing I tried to get another glimpse, but without success.

I really want to know what or who it is. It doesn’t feel threatening, but not  protective either. One clue however is that it sometimes follows me outside of my house so it’s not bound to this place. I have no friend or relative that have died, so it can’t be someone I know trying to contact me from the afterlife. But then what? Should I worry? I’m not a very vocal person so I’m not sure if I should try talk to it or what I would say.

I have no experience with things like this and have no idea how to act. Should I contact it? Is there any signs or peculiarities I can look for to determine what it is?


3 thoughts on “A question on spirits or demons or angels or whatever it was

    • Thank you! I’ve never really had any contact with actual spirits so I have no idea what it’s supposed to feel like. The reason this “thing” feels weird is because it seems so physical. It always appears on a distance but I get this feeling as if I would actually be able to touch it if it were that close to me. But maybe all spirits feels that way, I don’t after all, have any experience on the subject..

  1. It seems to be interested in you for some reason. You could ask it to give you some sort of sign as to what it wants. But as long as it’s not being negative/aggressive/dark towards you, I’d say, don’t worry about it.

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