What I believe in

The whole reason this blog exists is that I am not entirely sure what I believe in. This is my journey to find the answer to that question. However I do have a general idea concerning magick, deities and paganism. I do believe in spirits and think the world is full of them if you only take your time to look outside the box. I believe in Gods and Goddesses but I don’t acknowledge them at the moment, something I will explain at another time. I believe in a lot of entities and I have felt the presence of and have had brief contact with some.

I am very interested in hearing other peoples opinions and listening to others beliefs, no matter what they may be. However I will not accept hate or treats, something I have seen frequently in other blogs. I am the dictator of this blog, all opinions are accepted, but foul language and personal attacks are not. I want a blog were everyone feels safe when expressing their opinions.

I have never done this before but I hope it will work out as I wish. Welcome everyone!


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